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Bend your neck forward and down to about 15 degrees. Feels a little uncomfortable, right? Now, bend it a little more to 30 degrees. Hurts a little more. Now, imagine bending it down to 60 degrees.

Now, think for a moment, can you think of a time when your head is leaned forward that much for a long period of time?


This is uncomfortable for a reason:

  • When you have you neck at neutral, you are exerting about 10-12 pounds on your cervical spine, which is the weight of your head.
  • At 15 degrees, it’s about 27 pounds of pressure and it goes all the way up to a whopping 60 pounds of pressure when you bend your head down like this.

At just 15 degrees, that’s like hanging 3 full gallon jugs of water . When you your neck down to 60 degrees, that’s about 6 of them! Imagine that!

What is something that we do that brings our neck to that level?

That’s right, texting!

There’s a newly coined syndrome called Text Neck that’s damaging necks and backs worldwide.


We spend a lot of our time on our phones and if we don’t do something about the way we look at our phones, we are in big trouble.

So what can we do about it?

One of the best things you can do to combat text neck syndrome is to perform deep neck flexion while texting.

Take your chin and tuck it back towards the back of your neck, keep you neck and head centered on your shoulders. Use your eyes and hands holding your phone to find a good viewing angle!