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They’re common, annoying and sometimes downright excruciating!

What causes a headache most of the time? You’d be surprised by the fact that over 90% of headaches are caused by tension.

But why do you have so much tension?

At the base of the skull, there are a group of muscles, called the sub-occipitals. Underneath these muscles lie a set of nerves that branch out along the top of the skull and wraps around the head. If the muscles contract and constrict these nerves, you can get the feeling of a tight band around your head.

Why do these muscles get so tight?

Well, our society lives in a flexion dominant society.

We sit down to work, normally slouched over, we eat sitting down, and we watch tv and relax sitting down. This causes the muscles in your neck and sub occipitals to be tight.

Unfortunately, these tight muscles are hard to knead out and reduce their pressure on the nerves. However, we have the right tools for the job.

What can we do about it at Relief Plus?

Two of the main techniques we use to treat tension headaches is dry needling and soft tissue massage. Both of these techniques help to bring blood flow and healing inflammation to these muscles.

We also teach our patients better posture and movement patterns that will help our patients keep out of pain for good.

Give us a call if you have a pounding head that won’t stop!