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Dr. Johnston has been doing some thinking on some aspects of pain that a lot practitioners don’t really consider when they treat their patients. Many people conclude that injury, and the amount of injury, will automatically equate to a certain level of pain.

But you would be surprised by how much of your pain is based in your brain!


Pain isn’t ultimately determined by the amount of injury a muscle has been put through. However, it is governed by sensitivity to pain.

The sensitivity you feel can be affected by many many things, such as stress, diet, fatigue, daily routines, so many things.

Think about this scenario:

You have shoulder pain from sitting at a desk all day.

This causes stress and worry of getting in pain again.

This in turn causes trouble sleeping from both pain and worry.

Then, the next day, you’re tired, stressed and in more pain.

This causes worse posture than before, poor eating habits, which causes you to expect more pain symptoms.

Do you see how cyclical and out of control this can get?

But, the good news is that breaking that pain cycle is the first step of our treatment cycle. And as soon as that happens, you’ll find that your pain lessens, because your brain feels more in control and less sensitive to the pain.

Patients that are trapped in this cycle need someone that knows exactly how the body’s mechanics and muscular system works to show them exactly what’s causing the pain and to set them on the right path to recovery.

Why stay in the endless cycle of pain? Let us help you break the cycle and get you out of pain! Give us a call today!