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Two of the main aches and pains we see from our pregnant patients at Relief Plus are SI joint pain and psoas muscle pain.


The SI joint is a sheer joint located at the bottom of the spine and above the tailbone that connects the sacrum to the pelvis. The SI joint is built up by ligaments, and acts as one of the main shock absorbers in the lower body. Because ligaments support this joint, when one gets injured, it is very very hard to repair itself naturally. To help the SI joint heal, Relief Plus uses dry needling to bring blood flow and healing inflammation to the damaged ligaments.

Why does it happen when I’m pregnant?

Many pregnant women find that their SI joint and pelvis begin hurting during the later stages of pregnancy. The pain can become bothersome, and even debilitating.

The SI joint can be affected when hormones that are released during pregnancy relax ligaments in the pelvic region to allow room for childbirth in the birth canal. Additionally, as the uterus grows, core muscles around the pelvic region can become “stretched” and weaken. Furthermore, additional weight gained and the obvious baby bump causes pregnant women to change their walking patterns and put different pressure and stress on the SI joint than normal.

What can be done?

At Relief Plus, we utilize soft tissue massage to bring blood flow and inflammation to the injured joints and ligaments. Laser therapy can also bring healing to these hard to reach areas. One of the most effective weapons against SI joint dysfunction is dry needling, since it can reach right into the ligaments. HOWEVER, dry needling cannot be performed on women during the first trimester of pregnancy. 


We’ve covered piriformis syndrome before. The piriformis muscle is located in the buttock region and lies on top of the largest nerve in the body, your sciatic nerve. When this nerve is constricted, pain can shoot from the buttock up to the hip and down the leg.

Why does it happen when I’m pregnant?

Pregnancy causes the pelvic region to expand to prepare for childbirth. This causes the muscles in that area, namely your piriformis, to become stretched and taught.

What can be done?

Soft tissue massage and laser therapy are your best friends for this type of pain! Dry needling is used by Dr. Johnston, but should not be used during the first trimester.

If you know someone that is pregnant or is planning on becoming pregnant, have them call us so that we can give them the best relief possible!

Rachel trusted us with her pregnancy pain and she is now out of pain and happily awaiting her new baby boy!