Our chiropractic team believes in a healing process that spans three steps:

Our chiropractic team believes in a healing process that spans three steps:

Relief: feel better

When we experience pain, we often require a complete reset to break out of the endless cycle of injury and pain.

In this phase, we begin easing your pain by using disciplines such as trigger point dry needling, massage, laser therapy and the chiropractic adjustment. In this process, we assess the current pain that you are feeling and begin to determine the root cause of it.

Reinforce: stay better

Once we have relieved your pain, our next goal is to help you stay out of pain.

Once the cycle responsible for causing your pain has been reset, we then train you to permanently end the cycle. In this phase, our team will educate you on what movement patterns cause your pain and how to move more functionally. This is done by training you to replace those bad habits with new ones, such as new posture techniques, movement patterns, and exercises to build up the body in the right ways to reinforce the gains made in the first phase.

Reload: live better

Our last step equips you with the knowledge and disciplines necessary to live life without pain!

The final stage of our process focuses on giving our patients the education and activities of daily living routines to build up the body in the appropriate ways and facilitate lifelong healing and relief. Our chiropractor assesses your daily life and helps you apply the education we give you to improve your work and personal life.

Relief Plus takes a whole body approach to providing relief.

We look for the underlying causes of aches, discomfort, and pain, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. This informs and determines the way we treat our patients, by meeting them where they're at and intervene exactly how they need.