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Transcript below:

We’ve talked about the three puzzle pieces that make up conservative therapy and today we’ll talk about soft tissue massage, as one of the three puzzle pieces that really and truly give our patients the best combination for conservative therapy.

So what does soft tissue massage do?

At Relief Plus, the soft tissue massage we use isn’t a ‘crank up the incense, put on the rain music’ type of massage. We love those type of massages, but we don’t perform them in our clinic. However we use soft tissue massage to focus on problematic areas. We use certain techniques such as active release technique and just some mobilization techniques to bring about blood flow and inflammation to areas that are in pain.

Yes, we talk about blood flow and inflammation all the time and yet again, here we are talking about soft tissue massage that helps blood flow and inflammation.

So, how does it do that?

Well, it’s very simple: when you are putting pressure and stretching and taking a muscle through its range of motion with some added pressure, you are bringing healing to that area by bringing in blood flow and inflammation. You’re also increasing the range of motion, which increases blood flow.

So that’s how soft tissue massage works; and in the hands of a practitioner that knows what an injured muscle feels like; someone who knows the difference between a tight muscle and a healthy muscle, it’s a really powerful tool and you can see immediate results from soft tissue massage!