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A patient of ours came into our urgent care and chiropractic clinic 9 months ago and told us of back pain that she has had for 12 YEARS!

Imagine having chronic pain in your back for 12 years!
Clearly, she was at the end of her rope!


After treating her a couple times, Dr. Johnston and the staff diagnosed her with a thoracic spine herniation. This condition is very rare (and very painful) and the specialists that she went weren’t able to catch it. We sent her out for an MRI and alas, it came back positive for thoracic spine herniation.

We discussed her options and she eventually decided to have a surgery to alleviate the herniation. She is now doing 90% better, simply by following the right diagnosis!

We are now in the process of rehabilitating her, but from what she tells us, this was a life changing diagnosis for her!

This story, and many like it, tells us the importance of finding a doctor that will actually listen to you and work to understand the pain that you are in! Without listening to her and her struggle, we would not have been able to determine that she has this condition and she would still be in pain!


If your story is similar to hers, please give our urgent care facility a call!