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One of our goals at Relief Plus is to educate and support our patients as they go about their daily lives and one way we can do that is by coaching you through workout routines. Dr. Johnston has seen good workouts and bad workouts. He was specifically noticed 3 exercises that we should all stop doing immediately!


When you look at the chest muscles and where it attaches to the upper arm, once you get to press position, the muscles can’t extend or go any further. During chest flys, weightlifters will open up their arms wide and load their arms down with heavy weights. Opening our arms up and stretching the chest muscles doesn’t do anything to build more mass or more strength on the chest. In fact loading the arm down could potentially cause a torn bicep or AC joint!

Cable crossovers would be a much better suited exercise to get the abduction needed! Imagine you are pushing pushing a plow when you do!


The ball and socket joint of the shoulder is meant to be moved up and down with arms forward. It can go all the way up and all the way down. This is natural as the ball is rounded and it will roll easily in the socket.

However as soon as you bring the arms and shoulders back, the ball immediately starts to hit the lateral portion of the shoulder socket. It will be much better for your shoulders and socket to be pushed straight up and down.


When doing leg extensions, there is a shearing force that is being forced on our knee and tension being put on the ACL which isn’t a good idea for a knee. Inbalance of activation between our VMO and our rectus femoris is the main cause of this exercise being terrible. This could lead to patella tendon issues, such as patellar tendinitis and a host of other issues.

Those are the three exercises that you should stop immediately! If you need any specific help with your exercises, give us a call or send us a message!